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ADMA produces cost effective metal products of the highest quality. We manufacture powder metallurgy products from titanium, zirconium, niobium and other advanced materials and alloys.  Since 1985 ADMA has been at the forefront of advanced materials research and development.  We have taken our processes to a new level by developing aerospace approved powdered metallurgy titanium parts.  Our trademarked ADMATAL products are better, lower cost and take less time to manufacture.

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What Makes Us Unique

ADMA is a fully integrated producer of low cost titanium components.  

We start our low cost process by taking titanium tetrachloride and making hydrogenated titanium powder. Next we consolidate this powder with cost effective techniques, like room temperature die pressing, direct powder rolling and cold iso-static pressing.  Then we sinter the preforms into a fully dense product.  

Our final product has qualities that meet or exceed those of conventional ingot titanium.  We can make it faster and better.

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Leading the Way in Advanced Material Powder Production

ADMA produces high quality, low cost Titanium, Niobium and Zirconium powders.  

We are very proud of our revolutionary approach to manufacturing hydrogenated titanium powder.  Our process saves energy and significantly lowers costs as compared to standard methods of titanium sponge production.  Our integrated approach means that in just one cycle, we achieve TiCl4 reduction, vacuum distillation, and hydrogenation. 

We use the same equipment and similar energy saving, low cost processes to make Niobium and Zirconium powders.

Customers can use our powders for conventional powder metallurgy applications, coatings, 3D printing and in other methods.

If you have any questions about our powders, please contact us today.  We are happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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Hydrogenated Titanium Powder

Our patented hydrogenated titanium powder is remarkably low cost, high purity and is approved for critical applications.


PM Titanium Alloy Components

These low cost, cutting-edge products are our pride and joy. 

Starting from our hydrogenated titanium powder, we make these parts via low cost room temperature consolidation. This means that we can die press, cold isosatic press or direct power roll the powder and then sinter it immediately.  In other words, we avoid the enormous hassle of multiple vacuum melts, as needed by conventional ingot processing.

Our process saves costs and energy, all while meeting or exceeding ASTM and AMS property requirements.


Intermetallic Components

These Gamma Titanium Aluminides (TiAl) have been hailed because of their specific strength and stiffness, as well as their excellent corrosion, creep and oxidation resistance.  They are lighter than titanium alloys and can withstand much higher temperatures. 

Ask us about our innovative, cost-effective proprietary process for producing flat TiAl sheets.  We meet and exceed specification requirements at significantly lower costs than conventional ingot metallurgy.


Titanium Metal Matrix Composite Components (MMCs)

MMCs have improved stiffness, wear resistance, yield strength, creep resistance and work hardening as compared to conventional ingot titanium metal parts.  In short, they're better.

We can make such strong, stiff material because we've figured out how to get ceramic particles to form within our titanium alloys. We lower costs because our blended elemental powder processes manage to create these ceramic particles during sintering.  

Our MMCs are ideal for use in military armor plates, automotive connecting rods, or wherever strong, stiff material is preferred.  We will tailor them to fit your needs.


Ti Alloy Components from Pre-alloyed Powders

ADMA manufactures pre-alloyed powder metallurgy components for critical applications.  Our ti alloy parts are fully dense, cost-effective and have mechanical properties that match or exceed those of wrought titanium alloys.  In other words, they're higher quality at lower costs.

Here's a brief summary of our cost-saving process:  we use spherical pre-alloyed titanium powders produced by either the plasma rotating electrode process or by gas atomization. We then use hot iso-static pressing and/or subsequent high temperature deformation and heat treatment to make our parts.  The finished product has a refined microstructure and improved mechanical properties when compared to ingot titanium alloys.

Pre-alloyed powder metallurgy ti alloy components have really picked up speed in the industry.  What sets ADMA apart is our know how for making very complicated shapes.  Ask us about how we can create the part to fit your needs.


Porous Media

ADMA makes porous plates, tubes and other porous media from titanium, zirconium, niobium, nickel, stainless steel and other metals. 

Our porous plates are perfect for: water cracking units, energy storage systems, water generation, water removal for dehumidifying systems and for cleaning fracking water that's been used in shale and oil production.  They are superb filters.

ADMA is very proud of our patented, cost-effective, multilayer membranes. Because one of the layers is about the same size as a water molecule, we can separate water from a variety of sources.  We can literally make water in the desert

We've made life support systems for the Navy, Air Force and NASA.  Our technology can be used in ethanol production, natural gas dehydration, dehumidifiers, water distillation, water removal, water generation and purification, just to name a few of the possibilities.

Ask us about how we can fulfill your porous media needs.


PS/PM Powders and Components

Developed by NASA scientists, PS coating powders and PM components are self-lubricating and can seal materials at very high heats. These bushings can handle trips to Venus, but we're equally impressed with what they can do here on Earth.

Because they can self-lubricate at heats up to 900 degrees Celsius, PS/PM powders and components are perfect for industrial heating furnaces, high temperature turbines, big reciprocating engines, steam powered electrical generators, and the like.  This versatile technology can be used for mining by the petrochemical industry or with space robotics. PS/PM powders and components can also be used to power fuel efficient, eco-friendly oil-free turbo engines.  

We believe these parts are the wave of the future and are pleased to produce them under license from NASA. Please ask us about our PM/PS Series 200, 300, 400 products and how they can meet your high temperature needs.

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